Industrial Doors

Industrial doors

When looking for the right industrial door is safety, durability, the ability to adapt and look is very important qualities. You are looking for a reliable product that will operate problem free under all circumstances. A proven product manufactured to your specifications and delivered on time.

Garage Doors

Garage doors

Each garage door that leaves our factory is built on order. We can offer you a wide selection of doors made of quality materials in a variety of designs, materials, structures and profiles. You can combine these so that the result really satisfy your heart.

Up-and-Over Doors

Up-and-over doors

With our overhead doors, we have purposefully sought to have the highest quality in both the basic design and the finished product and to be at the front when it comes to product development, design and use of high-tech solutions.

ConDoor tailored garage doors, industrial doors, folding doors and overhead doors



Uterumsexperten has all kinds of conservatories and glazing solutions, from simple conservatories to protect against rain and wind, advanced winter gardens and facade elements, both sliding and folding versions. Halle Leisure is a shooting party for summer use. Halle Additional hours are shooting party system that is adapted for both the spring, summer and autumn. Halle Always a conservatory systems with cold-bridge broken aluminum profiles and are thus useful year-round. Halle folding portions are available in 24 mm and 42 mm glass. Halle Facade is a well-insulated push-party system adapted to sit on a house wall.

Hangar Doors

Hangar doors

The best option for items with large openings are hangar doors, which must have a good sound and heat insulation properties, such as hangar doors for industrial buildings, aircraft hangars, warehouses, Exercise / sports halls and ballrooms. Familiarize yourself with the various options and the wide range of colors. The hangar doors are made from standard parts according to customer needs and the doors are characterized by high reliability and low maintenance requirements. The hangar doors are CE marked and comply with current standards.

Folding Doors

Folding Doors

Through our very long experience in providing folding doors placed great emphasis on quality, durability and design. Folding door, which is CE marked and meets high requirements of EN13241-1 saves energy and the environment and contribute to high safety for users of the folding door. Environment and energy consumption is the folding door main feature. Although we have both a reinforced frame construction, also folding door insulation capacity as a sandwich built door with thermal break. This contributes to the extremely low U-values along with strength and stability.