Garage doors with personalized signature

Your home is beautiful, but possibly misses the finishing touch of an attractive and practical garage door. You are looking for a reliable and durable product that can be operated easily and safely as well as adding value to your property. But mainly a garage door that is made based to your personal wishes and that is in complete harmony with your home.


Every garage door that leaves our factory is built to order

We offer you the choice of an extensive range of doors manufactured from quality materials, in a variety of styles, surface textures and designs. You can combine them to your heart’s content. The colour of your garage door can also be chosen to match your taste and the appearance of your home. Thanks to the door’s construction, you can use the volumetric space in your garage to it’s optimum.


Our garage doors meet the most stringent European guidelines in the area of safety and durability. For decades, our doors, in a wide range of applications and in changing weather conditions (temperature, wind and water), have provided reliable and easy to operate access to the interior. From Norway and Great Britain to, for instance, Germany and Spain.

Using this website you can work with us to determine the specifications of your door. For you as well, we will be happy to make an affordable and exclusive garage door that completely meets your individual wishes.