Condoor Royal Guarantee

10 Year Royal Guarantee

A garage door must be attractive and match the atmosphere of your home. Moreover, you want a door that is guaranteed to be durable and safe. That applies to the construction, the materials used and to all of the parts. We guarantee the best quality.

High Quality

Only high-quality and durable materials are used in the fabrication of our garage doors. They are inspected and certified by the foundation for facade element quality -SKG. Of course, our doors also conform to the European EN 13241-1 standard, which is obligatory for CE marking.

TÜV Certified
SP Certified


We manufacture every garage door professionally and to specification and it is thoroughly checked before delivery.

Therefore we give a full 10 year manufacturer’s guarantee on your entire door. Including the parts that can wear, such as: torsion springs, lifting cables, hinges and rollers. The clear conditions that apply to this guarantee are available on request.