Safety First

Safety in and around your home is important. Therefore, safety is the prime consideration for the construction and operation of our garage doors. Your garage door must operate reliably for years and be safe and easy to use. It goes without saying that you must also be able to lock the door.

Garage Door Finger Protection

Finger protection

All doors in our product range have finger guards as standard. These guards are a statutory requirement that prevent your fingers being pinched between the panels when opening and closing the door.

Garage Door Spring break safety device

Spring break safety device

Our doors are fitted as standard with the statutory spring break safety device. This ensures that in unforeseen situations the door cannot suddenly close, which could cause damage or unsafe situations.

Burglary protection

Unfortunately, burglary is a common occurrence. It is therefore important that your garage door is secure. The locks on our garage doors are inspected and certified by the foundation for facade element quality – SKG. The SKG quality mark is an important security aspect.

Anti-lift device

If your garage door is operated by an electric operator, it is automatically protected by an anti-lift device. The operator protects your door from being lifted by generating resistance when someone tries to open the door by hand.

Safety Edge

Our electrically operated garage doors are equipped as standard with a force limiter. This ensures that in the event of slight resistance, from for instance your child or car, the door automatically opens.