Top-Line, ultimate creative freedom

The Top-Line garage door is a reliable and durable aluminium door, with a wide range of options. The Top-Line offers you the ultimate freedom to create your personal design. The garage door is constructed from a maintenance-free aluminium frame, which you can fill with a variety of panels and/or glazing of your own choice. This can give your garage door a surprisingly different appearance.


Top Line sections can also be used as glazed sections in both the High Line and the Wood Line series. Using these panels, you not only enhance the appearance of your door, but you also allow additional light to enter your garage.

Unlimited possibilities

Unlimited possibilities

The aluminium frame of the Top-Line garage door can be filled with a wide variety of panels. By combining transparent and blank panels, you can create a completely personal style. Both the section height and width can be chosen to optimally match your garage resulting in everything blending extremely well together.

Moreover, the range of colours that is available for the frame and panels is almost unlimited and can be separately selected.

The Top-Line series offers you the optimum creative freedom. Together we can design a quality door that in its appearance, colour and field division is in total harmony with your home. We have the knowledge, skills and production facilities to also meet the more complex individual wishes.

All doors in our product range have finger guards as standard. These guards are a statutory requirement that prevent your fingers being pinched between the panels when opening and closing the door.