Wood-Line, from the best ‘wood’

Would you prefer a garage door with an authentic warm wood look? And do you also want a door with the life and ease of maintenance of a steel garage door? Then the Wood-Line series offers you a wide range of options. From completely classical with cassettes to exclusive and modern. You can hardly tell the Wood-Line panels from panels made of real wood and they give your home a refined, characterful appearance. However, they are as ‘hard’ as steel.

Wood-Line options palette

Wood-Line options palette (WL)

The basis of the Wood-Line garage door, just like the High-Line, is formed by 40-mm steel sandwich panels with an insulating, fire-retardant foam core (CFC free). The panels have various wood surface textures and tactile embossment. This gives the door the warm feeling and exclusive appearance of real wood. The extra-thick steel skin guarantees a long life. Moreover, the panels, unlike real wood, are more or less maintenance free.

Select your wood look from the options palette here. Timeless and smooth or classical and rustic. The choice is yours. We will manufacture your door to the size and in the style you desire.