Industrial doors of high quality, up to 12 meters wide!

Overhead door / Industrial doors

When searching for the right overhead door, safety, durability, customisation and appearance are very important. You are looking for a reliable product that will operate problem free under all conditions. A proven product that will be  made according to your specification and be delivered on time.


Of steel and aluminum, with or without windows and in almost any desired sizes and colors at any time. Thanks to the many possible combinations, the ports can be easily integrated into both industrial and agricultural buildings. They are functional, easy to manage and enhance the appearance of the premises.


This website provides a detailed overview of our models, materials, product variants and special ports. Using this information, along with your advisors to determine the design for your door.

Of course, we offer free consultation by our experienced seller!


Our overhead doors meet the most stringent European guidelines in the area of safety and durability. For more than ten years, they have been installed and appreciated throughout Europe, from Iceland to Sweden and from Switzerland to Spain. In a wide range of applications and in changing weather conditions (temperature, wind and water), the overhead doors provide reliable access through the openings in which they are installed.

We offer you an extensive range of quality overhead doors and innovative special doors. From steel and aluminium, with or without windows, in almost any desired size and colour. Thanks to the many combinations that are possible, the doors can simply be integrated in both industrial and commercial buildings. They are easy to operate, are functional and improve the appearance of your premises. This brochure gives a detailed overview of our models,
materials, product variants and special doors. Based on this information, you can together with your advisor, determine the specifications of your door. We also offer an appropriately priced, quality solution for your exterior
door openings.