A40 aluminium, for individual creative freedom

The top of the line in overhead doors is our A40 model. A robust, reliable and durable aluminium overhead door with a wide range of options. Each door is designed and made completely to your individual wishes. This makes every A40 overhead door unique and also reflects the styling of your building and your corporate identity.

Industrial Door Own Look

Flexible layout

The Pro-Line A40 overhead door is constructed from aluminium frames. Within these frames, one or more types of panel can be fitted in accordance with your wishes. Next to each other the frames form a section. The sections together form the structure of the overhead door and determine its appearance. The layout of the structure is designed for each door individually. The number of frames and sections can therefore differ per door, as can the format of both. This provides you with the optimum creative freedom and the A40 overhead doors are suitable for the widest range of architectural designs.

Individual styling

To give your overhead door an individual style, you can combine a wide range of transparent and blank panels. You can find an overview of all of the available panels in the table on Page 11. An endless number of combinations are possible. The sections of the ST40 model are as standard made of anodised aluminium (E6EV1).

Durable, transparent and attractive

Aluminium overhead doors are even more durable thanks to the use of high-quality materials. By using transparent  fillings in the design, the overhead door allows the maximum amount of light to enter the building. It gives the  overhead door an attractive appearance and makes it extremely suitable for use where appearance is important such as in showrooms, firestations and ambulance-stations. In addition, the transparent fillings increase the amount of light that enters the building. As a result, additional artificial light is often unnecessary.

This guarantees important savings.

Industrial Door S40 Panel
Industrial Door Unique Color

Blank steel bottom section

The use of transparent panels gives an overhead door a certain elegance, but in practice, the bottom section of the door often gets more dirty and is more likely to get damaged. Therefore, for practical considerations, many companies choose a combination with a single matching blank steel bottom section (Pro-Line S40). The appearance of the steel bottom section is of course adapted to the style of the entire door.

Only available with finger protection

All our overhead doors are CE approved, and are safe to use. Pro-Line A40 overhead doors are supplied as standard with finger protection. The finger protection prevents the fingers getting caught between the panels when shutting the door.

Finger protection is not obligatory (CE standard) for overhead doors higher than 2.50 metres (the height of the pivot point of the top section). However, we have consciously chosen to equip all our doors with finger protection.

Pass door and operation

A40 doors can, if required, be fitted with a pass door. You can choose between a standard sill and a low sill. The overhead door can be supplied as a manually operated door, with a chain hoist or with the Pro-Line© drive system.

Industrial Door With Pass Door
Industrial Door Additional Requirements

Additional creative wishes?

In addition to all of the options mentioned, we have the knowledge and skills to meet the more complex individual wishes.

Options for the fillings in an AR overhead door

Type Glazing Description
Acrylic Single pane
Safety glass Single pane
Polycarbonate (impact-resistant) Single pane
Perforated aluminium Single 3 mm thick Aluminium colour
Filling Insulated Aluminium filling, in RAL of your choice
Specials in acrylic All options:
in single or
insulated available
Opal 30% (30% light transmission)
Opal 80% (80% light transmission)
Pearl (transparent with air bubbles)
Smoke (grey transparent)
Specials in safety glass Single 4 mm thick
Grey smoked glass