A40 CUBE takvikport, when space is limited!

A40 CUBE is a welcome addition to our range and with it, we can provide a smart port solution that requires much less space!

Industrial Door CUBE Compact


The design fits perfectly for example workshops with car liftswhere the space above the lift priority. Then A40 CUBE has no horizontal ceiling rails space can be maximized. The door sections are folded together above the opening and leave the rest of the roof freely.

A40 CUBE takvikport suitable for the following applications:

  • If space behind the opening is limited
  • When cranes and hoists need to close the door opening
  • In workshops where vehicle lifts are used near the door opening
  • In warehouses where space must be used to the maximum
CUBEin profile

A strong aluminum construction

A40 CUBE comes only with A40sections without finger protection. You can choose between the different fillings thatare available as options for the overhead door A40. Thereare many varieties of window options and sandwich panels. A40 CUBE is made up of an even number of aluminumsections, where each pair always has the same height(maximum 650 mm)

Every other section has hinges on the outside. Lift springs are always pre-assembled from the factory on a beam construction that seamlessly installed above or alternativelybehind the door opening.

A40 CUBE is always supplied with the engine running.

Our A40 CUBE takvikport is CE marked and approved to the European port directive EN 13241-1