Guide rail systems, the silent strength

A guide rail system is used when opening and closing an overhead door. This system consists of a set of rails, the springs and the operating equipment. The guide rail system forms the silent strength of every overhead door.


Rail set

The rail set is, just like the overhead door, always custom made. A rail set is designed and made to measure in our  factory for every overhead door. The quality of the rail set determines to a large degree the life of your overhead door. Therefore, we have consciously chosen rails that are made from high-quality galvanised steel.

A permanent part of the set is the unique Smart-Connection ® between the horizontal and vertical rails for which we have a patent. Thanks to this innovative connection, the door moves smoothly over the rails when being opened and closed. This makes the door more or less silent and less susceptible to wear.

Springs & hoisting cables

Steel lifting springs and cables are used to open the overhead door and to keep it open. The springs are of a high quality and have a long life. They are shot peened, powder coated and oiled when delivered. Special springs are available for overhead doors that are used very frequently. The hoisting cables are six times overdimensioned for additional safety.

Operating equipment

Operating equipment

The overhead door can be operated manually, with a chain hoist or by an electric motor. We will be pleased to advise you of the possibilities and advantages of each mode of operation.