Quality guaranteed

With our overhead doors, you can count on optimum safety and durability from the product, the delivery, the installation and service. We guarantee the best quality.


Our overhead doors are constructed from various steel or aluminium sections. This allows you to specify the format,
functionality and appearance you desire.

Moreover, the doors can be supplied in any RAL colour. Our experienced engineers have the expertise to allow them to develop a suitable overhead door, even for your complex situation.


To guarantee the quality and safety of industrial doors, the European Commission has established (European) guidelines in the EN 13 241 1:2003 standard.

All of our overhead doors meet the requirements specified in this CE NEN standard. This has been determined by the
accredited Swedish research centre SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden.


Of course, you want an overhead door that completely meets your wishes and will operate problem free for many years. The panels in our doors are perfectly protected against corrosion, thanks to the use of high-quality materials, which are galvanised and coated. This guarantees a long life, even when exposed to extreme weather conditions.


Our overhead doors are produced entirely in Europe. We have been delivering, in accordance with the agreed specifications and delivery times, quality doors from our own factories throughout Europe for more than fifteen years. We keep our quality standards high by means of product innovation and extensive internal quality control. Our products make us one of the leading door companies in Europe.