A collaboration with ConDoor Group optimizes both your business and the economy!

Doors of all possible variants is an important part in many activities. They are there and perform their duties, and as long as they work, they contribute to both better working environment and better economy. Our goal is to ensure that this is maintained and that you get as much as possible of your products at the lowest possible cost.


Our skilled service reaches most areas in the country.
Often it is the same personal techniques you meet when you have any kind of service needs.

Our service technicians are trained on all products and services in the cars, there is always a large selection of spare parts.


We help all types of customers, from small businesses with one or more doors to large central warehouse with activity around the clock. Obviously, we adapt the level of service to your business needs. Our needs-based service secured feature and we make sure that your products comply with the applicable regulations. We service and maintains adjacent systems such as gates and shutters, regardless of make or model.


With a collaboration with ConDoor Group, you get a reliable service partner. Our technicians are quickly on the scene. We strive for long-term and close cooperation with our customers.