Features and Technical Data

Function: Inward or outward
Operation: Manual or power operated
CE Marking: CE marked against CPD according to current standard EN13241-1. Power-operated doors are also CE marked to the Machinery Directive, Low Voltage Directive and the EMC Directive.
Air Tightness: Class 5 (of 5 possible) according EB12426 (fully covered folding door)
Watertight: Class 3 (of 3 possible) according to EN12425
Wind Load: Class 5 (of 5 possible) according to EN12444 and EN12424.
Isolation: 55 mm CFC-free polystyrene foam with aloofness of the frame and cladding sheet obtained thermal break. While insulating the thermal break.
Fittings and Accessories: All fittings are pre-assembled in the factory to simplify installation and minimize time spent.
Colors: 14 pcs. standard colors. Also available in any RAL, NCS color.
Windows: Several standard sizes of Insulating D4-12 double. Window Frames of anodised aluminum profiles with thermal breaks.
Walking Door Solutions: Recessed door once the door leaf. All the time the doors include door part ASSA Evo 410 and 1487 ASSA striker and lever handle (excl. Cylinder) pre-installed at the factory. 3-piece doors are also available with the single door leaf door that time.
Shelf Fittings: Available as an option and it allows the folding door is automatically locked in the open position. Disengaged simply by pulling a handle at espagnolette.
Hinge: Lubrication-free hinges encased in Teflon bushings. Lifting hinge is standard on the inward folding doors.
Door Leaf: Sandwich panels with integrated retaining frame. Thickness 57 mm. Maximum section width 1250 mm. Maximum height 7000 mm door leaf.
Frame Scope: Can be mounted in the frame of steel, concrete or wood. Different screw kits are available depending on the material in the frame.
Consoles & Guide Rails:
Various options depending on design. Material of steel and hot dip galvanized. Several justeringsmöjlighter.
Safety: Rubber strips of two-component EPDM rubber contributes to the elimination of trapping risks between the door leaf. Power-operated doors fitted with mechanical or electronic safety edge with cable connection to the control cabinet.
Guarantee: 2 year warranty. When mounting accredited fitter obtained a 5 year warranty on service / overhaul is performed 2 times / year