Special overhead doors for specific applications

In addition to the Pro-Line S40 and A40 models described above, we have the knowledge and experience to develop innovative solutions for specific applications. Through the years we have developed, together with our customers, a number of special overhead doors. These have proved themselves in practice and are now available in our standard product range. For instance, special dock doors (SD40 or SD80) for distribution centres, additionally insulated ST doors for storage areas, aluminium doors for the food and beverage industry and extra large overhead doors for, for instance, shipyards and hangars. We can also develop a special overhead door for your individual application.

Pro-Line SD40 and SD80

Overhead doors are always used for dock levellers. The large numbers of doors (for instance in distribution centres) and their extremely frequent use, place additionally high requirements on the quality of both the materials used and the operation of the doors.

Our specially developed dock door is constructed in such a way that it can fulfil these extreme requirements. Thanks
to the well-thought through construction, the door is even less sensitive to wear than a standard overhead door. Moreover, the dock door has a modular structure, so that maintenance takes less time. The technical construction of
the dock door guarantees clearly lower construction and maintenance costs.

Dock doors are only available in a ‘vertical lift’ or ‘high lift’ version. They are as standard designed with a box section construction to which the springs are attached. Of course, the cables are routed inside (obligatory to conform to the CE standard).

Our SD40 and SD80 dock doors can also be adapted to your individual wishes.

Pro-Line AS40-Aluminium sandwich overhead door

Extremely stringent hygienic conditions are required in the food and beverage industry. Overhead doors must be able to be cleaned daily, without damaging the material from which they are made. AS40 doors are also well suited for other applications where the doors must be cleaned regularly.

The AS40 overhead door is specially fitted with insulating sandwich panels with an aluminium (instead of steel) inner
and outer skin. Aluminium is durable and less susceptible to corrosion, also when cleaned frequently. Moreover, the material is light in weight.

The Pro-Line AS40 door is only available without finger protection. The aluminium panels have a smooth finish with embossed horizontal lining on both the inner and outer skins. They can be combined with stainless steel hardware.

Industrial Door S80

Pro-Line S80, extra insulating overhead door

If it is important to maintain a stable temperature inside the building but access is still required, for instance for (cold)
storage, an extra insulating overhead door can offer the solution. The S80 model is a standard ST door, with sandwich panels that are twice as thick (80 mm instead of 40 mm). Thanks to the extra thick panels, the doors have a high insulation value and save energy. Your products remain cold and your energy costs low.

The Pro-Line S80 is only available without finger protection. The standard panel is embossed on the outer skin
and has horizontal lining. The inner skin is smooth and has the same horizontal lining. The inner skin is always finished in RAL-9002. The outer skin is available as standard in RAL-9002, RAL-9006 or RAL-7016.

Some characteristics of the Pro-Line S80 panels

Model Thickness of
external skin
Panel thickness U-value R’w-value
S80 0,5 mm 80 mm 1,0 28,7 Db
The Pro-Line S40 XXL version

The Pro-Line S40 XXL version

Sometimes a hall, for instance a hangar, has an extremely large entrance. A standard overhead door cannot provide
a safe and high-quality seal. Moreover, the dimensions and weight of the overhead door place extremely high requirements on the materials.

Our XXL overhead door is especially constructed for applications up to a width of 12 metres (max.12 x 6 metres to max. 9 x 8 metres). To prevent the door from sagging, the sections are made with additional reinforcement on the door leaf (CMV’s).

Due to the complexity of the construction, it is necessary to perform design calculations for every XXL overhead door.
Our experienced product engineers are supported in this by sophisticated software. The result is a made-to-measure, safe and durable, extra-large overhead door.

Individual applications

Individual applications

On this website, you will find several examples of customised doors for specific applications. It is our professional challenge to develop together with you a suitable overhead door for your specific situation.